5 thoughts on “Drones To Carry Passengers This July

  1. I can’t think of a more attractive idea than attempting to enter a device which appears eager to cleave you at the waist. PASS

  2. Not a chance I would fly one of those. It has no capability for auto rotation, any engine failure would be fatal for the passenger/crew. These vehicles are best left to being toys, not vehicles carrying humans!

  3. No way. As a pilot I would like to be in charge when things go wrong which they inevitably will. I want to fly myself to the scene of the crash!!!

  4. A drone ride to an inner city destination would seem most appealing. Surely at some point wx will hardly be a problem as visibility is not a consideration for a drone. If inner city travel is difficult, which it is in every major city, a drone taxi ride, complete with ability to select destination from a panel menu and not wait for a crew member to do a preflight would be at least convenient, and mostly efficient.
    Bring on drone taxi travel

  5. Would’ve thought you’d want to run a thorough test over a decent amount of time with pizza deliveries before experimenting with humans.
    What exactly are the “landing protocols in the event of a malfunction”? and whose roof is it going to fall through.

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