2 thoughts on “Easy Ownership: The Great LSA

  1. Are there any LSA aircraft that are IFR certified for flight in IMC? Can LSA be flown IMC by an IFR certified Pilot. I am mostly curious for times when visibility is low, but forcast to get better, say departing marginal visability on a trip, with forcast to be VFR after. Not stormy or ice conditions. Thanks

  2. Love my Remos ,solo 10 kt head wind nose off grond
    the second I push throtle ,50 feet later climbing 1200 ft minute at 55 mph.
    Two in board 450 lbs of people 100 lbs gas take off 300 ft. Climbing at 900 ft minute at 60 mph.
    Anyone that has flown Remos knows why it has 4 wheels.

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