4 thoughts on “From Empty Nester To Private Pilot

  1. An amazing article. I am an IMG and will be applying for the match soon. I plan on getting into Cardiology too! I have always loved flying. From making model airplanes to RC airplanes to reading articles like this one. I would love to get a PPL during my residency. Unfortunately no one has ever been of much help regarding this. I want to know if it is possible for me to get into flight training during my residency? Your input will help me straighten my future goals immensely. Thank you!

  2. “The average student pilot is now about 33, and the average private pilot is 48.” – May I ask where this data is from? Thanks.

  3. John – what a wonderful mix of your feelings, your ability to teach in ways the rest of us can understand, and your love of science and technology! Cheers. Shayne

  4. I was moved by Robert Pinsky so much I had an overwhelming renewed motivation to go on with my worthy difficulty of lessons I have for so long resisted

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