7 thoughts on “The FAA And Small Drones: Plane & Pilot Readers’ Views

  1. As a lifelong certificated aviator (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI) and drone owner/operator I support FAA and its attempts to educate, advise and inform drone operators about safety and airspace concerns. The involvement by FAA should, by no means, be so restrictive/punitive to prevent the growth of the industry. The capabilities of these flying photographic platforms are incredible and need to be preserved.

  2. Had a near miss with something when downwind at San Juan International, it went by so fast I didn’t get a good look but the “something” was black with red stripes. A call to the tower was negative on their part. It went by so fast I could have missed seeing it entirely. It was within 100 feet below the left wing, scary then and now when I think about the incident.
    Yes, I think we need some type of control especially around airports and areas of heavy traffic like IFR & VFR intersections.

  3. Until the people that want to regulate are educated themselves on what it is they are regulating, I say hands off. Drone users need to be educated yes. That can be done by the AMA or some other knowledgeable group.
    Just the same way some of us get annoyed at so of the outrageous rules we have by people that have no clue.

  4. As a proud commercially rated pilot who also flies gas powered and electric RC fixed wing giant scale aircraft my biggest concern about drones is the ease at which they can be placed into restricted airspace by just about anyone without having to learn step by step about control, batteries, and airspace restrictions etc. Let alone those who intentionally are out to flaunt laws. I have my AMA # And also my FAA UAV number in my planes for identification. I’m not worried about the government spying on me. Education is key, but also enforcing statutes and holding ignorant or intentional violators responsible for their actions unfortunately will likely be necessary to get the message out.

  5. It’s a matter of time before a drone causes a major accident. Once it happens, you’ll see hand-wringing and emergency action.

  6. The FAA is interested in anything that increases employee count, yet they cannot support general aviation with the most simple of safety improvements. We are told go hire a designee. A simple proposal will be passed from one office staff to another each wanting a detailed change , till all in the office have weighed in, 20 letters and 2 years later one may, or may not get an approval. Those of us forced to deal with the FAA, can see no possible way they can handle more work, when they cannot complete what they have now. Yes, drone management is needed, and there is certain calamity coming, but do not expect anyone but law enforcement to give results. Typically our government wants more money, more employees, less work, and better retirement !

  7. The seemingly daily announcements of who plans to do what in the sky from package delivery to autonomous flying taxis is dizzying!!
    It will be complicated, but oversight development must begin very soon if not right now.

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