4 thoughts on “FBI Joins Search For Missing Pilot, Kelsey Berreth

  1. I think it is a mistake to not have gone over the house. Any evidence that might have been found could have been destroyed by now.

  2. They can get the GPS and IP address of the text messages for verification. She more than likely took an Uber to an airport and flew out without filing a flight report. Someone has to transport her to the Idaho destination whether she flew there herself, she took a commercial flight, or she obtained a ride from someone. Woodland Park is a tiny town, and she likely works in Colorado Springs as a flight instructor. I wonder if the FBI has checked her FB friends list and started to question friend on there?

  3. As a retired police officer i would like to share this thought if i may.

    Please don’t jump to any conclusion as to why this young lady had gone missing. You simply dont have enough facts to decide if she left against her will or if she left on her own. Don’t let Hollywood be your guide.

    So many options… some sinister and realistic yes. Some not sinister and simply sad.

    The police most likley have asked local business people and citizens with security cameras in the area to check for footage on the date and time she was last seen at the store. That will help them to understand what she may have been dealing with and if she was alone or not.

    Remember they know what they are doing. They may not always tell the public everything they know. Until all the facts are in and the missing person is located.

    Don’t get caught up in the game of, oh she would do this, or she would never do that…i bet this is what happened.

    Share her photos and this story with everyone you know… ask them to share it with everyone they know.

    If you want to be involved, ask the police what you can do to help.

    Prayers are powerful. Hope should be unending.

  4. Could she have gone for a hike near her home and got lost? Could she be held captive in Frazee’s home? Why not say what the text message to Frazee said- unless they believe it was a made up message. In 3 days a phone could be mailed to Idaho and then called. So many gaps in this story. So much the authorities are not saying….

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