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February 2021 Crossword Key

February 2021 Crossword Puzzle


    1  So small, the FAA doesn’t consider them “aircraft”

    8  Number of seats in a Van’s RV-7A

    9  How they refer to your rental when the avgas is included in the cost

  10  PA-12 Super _____

  11  It can affect the price of a pre-owned plane

  12  What thousands of AirVenture attendees did on the show grounds every Saturday a.m. for the past many years

  13  Ariz. neighbor, abbr.

  14  starts both “down” and “rod”

  17  What you might call an elder pilot

  18  WWII Ace Bud

  24  Makers of the Torchy High Lumen rechargeable flashlight

  25  Aviation company working with Toyota

  26  Status ___

  28  He developed the Weedhopper

  30  A VOR is one

  33  Despite widespread misunderstanding, this aviation problem is not engine-related

  34  More aerodynamic



    1  Onward and ______

    2  Kit maker of the ____ T-51 Mustang

    3  Curtiss-Wright naughty play on words “canard design”

    4  Watch out for runways that are this (2 words)

    5  Sound of a flat tire

    6  Wing supports

    7  Great jacket for an aviator

  15  Third in the family

  16  Night color (very black)

  19  The smallest part

  20  Aeronautics display, for example

  21  What you might hear when detonation is at your door

  22  Transponder code

  23  Into the wild blue ___

  27  Popular analog presentation

  29  “Put ___ Happy Face” (2 words)

  31  Expert flyer

  32  Great grades

February 2021 Crossword Key


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