One thought on “Flying In Three Dimensions

  1. Just lately I find myself able to afford a new unlimited acro machine.I need to check out my neck’s ability to withstand side loads. I sent 2 emails to Patty asking about going up with her or someone else to work up to maybe a double inverted snap at the bottom of a outside loop. I have about 20000 hours, Alaska bush and non sched, Laos Turbo Porter, Scratch built GL checked out people in S3B and 340 hp Eagle. Scared the crap out of myself doing a 1/2 spin in my 3rd hour of solo picking up a low wing on a J3 with rudder as I stalled. Ended up spinning from 10K to 1500 ft and loops 4 hours later. Later project certification test pilot on CFM56-5 that went into Hudson. Any suggestions to test neck?

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