4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It

  1. I am 63 ,i got my private license in 1978,i had about 100 hours ,i have a plastic license now and would like your help on flying again,i am in good health ..thanks

  2. Hey Robert – I sound a lot like you. I am 57 and got my license in 1978 and have about 110 hours. I hauled off an bought a Piper Warrior II with two friends and I am now current. My CFI was ready to sign me off after my second hour but I said that I was not ready. Honestly, it is not controlling the aircraft that is an issue for me. I am concerned about all of the regulatory changes and the fact that I am in Bravo airspace that is very busy. I have a lot to do to gain my confidence and skills in situational awareness. Good luck! Chris

  3. Very inspiring read and great information to help get the rust off. If anyone needs a safety pilot let me know :))) Blue skies and aced landings.

  4. I’ve been an airline pilot for 35 years. I haven’t flown small airplanes for about that long. I recently went out to my local airport and went up with the instructor in a 172. To my surprise, I was horrible!! This was a great article to help get back into GA flying. I’m hoping I can become proficient again and possible fly after retirement (in less than 4 years).

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