20 thoughts on “Here’s Why New LSA Rules Will Change Everything

  1. Hmmm…. wonder about numbers of passengers….. still only two or perhaps the number be according to normal weight and balance calculations…… maybe for pilots who have over 500 hours experience???

  2. My problem with the whole situation is I can’t afford a 100,00. Aircraft if they change the rules that would allow me several more options from a Cessna 150 to a 172 or even a tri pacer at a fraction of the cost for a lsa I thought they were trying to make aviation affordable to everyone but they are not I make 70,000 a year and three wonderful kids and a lovely wife so I say go up on the weight to allow a variety of aircraft for people like myself flying has always been a dream and desire for me

  3. Suggestion. The 180 HP Mooneys are so easy to fly that they belong there. OK, I have one and 3,000 trouble free hours in it. Even us “UFO’s” should do that easily. I hope to not need it, I’m expecting a Class III special issuance any day. But just in case….

  4. Another question is: if larger (4 seat) aircraft are allowed, will the extra passengers be allowed?

  5. What I would also consider is the upgrading of current LSA models with larger engines and more exotic instrumentation to make them even more viable in the airspace. This, of course, must assume that the LSA pilot is trained for such performance, a question each pilot may have to answer for him/herself.

  6. Excellent article. It will be fascinating indeed to see what the final rule is. Personally, I’m hoping that retractable gear and faster speeds beyond 150 are allowed. After all, they already allow amphib floats with retractable gear on some LSA’s. And, that 3,600 lb limit had to come from somewhere. It just happens to be the gross weight limit on Saratogas and Bonanzas… go figure…

  7. It’s exciting to think that I may be able to fly my Cherokee 140 on a Sport Pilot License. We’ll see what January brings!

  8. You forgot a big one that could change everything you said and anticipate. Sport Pilots and LSA are limited to two people irrespective of gross weight.

  9. Seems these type of changes could explode GA to the usage numbers of the ‘70s… would truly boost all GA business and aircraft values regardless of current LSA size and speed restrictions.

  10. It appears to me that the only big change would be that one would be able to fly a 182 carrying two people with a drivers license instead of a BasicMed; big deal. It’s unlikely that they would drop the certified aircraft maintenance requirements so that Harry The Handy Homeowner could start bolting car parts onto his cheap 182. As for the existing LSA manufacturer’s building bigger faster airplanes; sure they could. But despite a lot of people saying they would love to have a 150 kt RV-12, etc., the fact is, they don’t actually buy anything because “the price is too high”, whatever that price may be because 95% of them don’t actually have a use for an airplane.

  11. So why> This is an acknowledgement the General Aviation is dying. The vast majority of GA pilots who learned to fly in the late 60;s into the mid-80’s are at or near retirement. Many have health issues that may limit their ability to maintain a full medical. The current generation of pilots are only using GA as a necessary route to the cockpit of an airline job. They have little passion for GA aircraft. As a 40 year GA pilot with over 9000 hours, as an ATP, CFIIME, A&P, who has talked with hundreds of younger pilots, I know of what I speak. Also, when Trade-A-Plane and Controller first went on-line 25 years ago, the number of daily new listings for single engine aircraft was usually between 75 and 100, today that number averages around 20. A vast majority of young people today do not have the discipline needed to be GA pilots. And, price! $500,000 Cessna 172’s aren’t the answer!

  12. A few questions popped in mind……..

    Will constant speed props be allowed?

    Will retractable gears be allowed?

    Will the new bigger / higher performance LSAs be allowed to be flown IFR? Into IMC?

    @ 3600 lbs, these new LSAs may be heavier than many of the Part 23 airplanes.
    Will some of the Part 23 airplanes be reclassified as LSA?

    Can these new and bigger LSAs be used for commercial applications?

  13. If the FAA are pushing this its because the cost of a 4 seat LSA is going to be half that of a 172. Textron has been signalling for a while they aren’t interested in the GA market

  14. In addition to the safety possible with an increased gross weight, the big change for me would be a driver’s license medical for private pilot privileges/

  15. An important question is: Will USA rules be brought in line with EASA?
    Lots of interesting available aircraft don’t fit into USA rules, and its a small market…
    Continuing to be different reduces our choices.

  16. All the changes sound good, but why use MPH? Use Kts like the rest of the world. I would like 150 kts, max wt 3600 lbs, constant speed prop, two occupants, using a driver license. The aircraft cost are out of control now so these changes shouldn’t affect the cost.

  17. 3600 lbs is quite generous over what we have now. Has this announcement been made yet? If so, I know where you can get a nice hangared Piper Colt for $16K. (;^)

    Conestogaman at Y h d0t c0m

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