3 thoughts on “ICON Aircraft Announces One-Year Delay In Deliveries

  1. One hopes that ICON will survive but there many recent missteps indicate management problems that include the owner and founder of the company. How could “manufacturing” problems arise this late in the day? Only because of ignorance or arrogance and an unwillingness to tackle problems head on. This is a bad sign, I’m glad I didn’t put a down payment on this aircraft even though I still love the concept. There is more trouble at ICON than they are admitting and I’m betting that this bad news will be followed by more until some senior management changes are made. Where are Vulture Capitalists who usually protect their money by firing bad managers up to and including the founder?

  2. Very sad but not surprising. I’m old enough to remember the BD-5 fiasco and am wise to all the schemes of small-time manufacturers of aircraft. This one is surely headed to the scrap heap like so many others. I agree with grtblu, it’s absolutely a management issue. “A little more time” will not fix the problems with ICON and the potential buyers should take note. History (especially in small aircraft startups) tends to repeat itself and ICON is no exception.
    A co-worker of mine with no experience in aviation is totally fascinated with ICON and probably represents a lot of potential buyers that haven’t been around the industry very long but see a really neat airplane. I warned him to sit back and give the company time to get established and build a reputation and then hand his money over. He’s waiting. Also, signing an agreement that says you won’t sue ICON is ridiculous as any negligence on the ICON’s behalf will open them up to lawsuits regardless of what the customer signs. It sounds like ICON is being run by a bunch of kids rather than professional managers.

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