19 thoughts on “Icon Raises Prices On Its A5 Amphibian

  1. You could buy a SeaRey amphibian with touchscreens for half that much and be able to open the windows in flight.

  2. Another release of smoke & mirrors. Absolutely no genuine information on performance specifications, like can I fly two people at circa 200-pounds each with fuel, or do I simply get to sit by myself for anything longer than a 30-minute flight, and now “to boot” a price that just about allows me to buy two other manufacturers LSA’s. The icing on the cake however, has to be the purported IPO…..extract more money from people who will have no idea and Mr Hawkins can get a another chunk of someone else’s money. As we say “down under” these guys are starting to look like a punch of “Shonk’s”

  3. ICON appears to have had a business plan concerning cost – – that if it’s thrown against the wall and it sticks……… “let’s go with that”.

    Have the parts of this aircraft, and the construction of this aircraft, been considered and assembled in the same haphazard way?

    New owners: Make sure their “John Denver” vice grip fuel selector valve attachment is secure.

    It’s amazing that increasing the price of an already overpriced aircraft will cause “clarity” on the actual cost of production. I’ll bet all of you that these aquanaut airmen bozo’s still don’t have a clue on what their costs are.

    That “wall sticking method” is taught at all business schools. LOL !

  4. I have never seen so much hype and so much funding for company that has really not produced any planes other than a few demos. And now talk of an IPO? I feel sorry for those who made deposits.

  5. All I can say now is, I’m out. And i’m sure there will be many to follow. This will be the end of ICON !

  6. It looks like fun, but for this student pilot, not that much fun even at the original base price. I guesstimated a 30% price increase.

  7. Years ago I was caught in a similar thing with JIM BEDE. As the old saying goes, ‘BUYER BEWARE’, if it sound too good to be true it probably is not. Nice plane but!

  8. I have been following, and watching, and waiting for years to see how things would develop, expecting exactly this at some point. They finally get around to delivering a couple of aircraft and suddenly the price goes through the roof, and they’ve proved nothing so far. Th IPO will be the death of this project.

  9. What a rip off !! Why ??
    I was saving my money to get one now they raised the price !! Heck with it ! I will buy something else ! Feel sorry for guys that put their deposit and loosing 500$ to withdraw!!!

  10. The essence of Capitalism dictates, Quote ” Raise prices only as much as the market can sustain” When the FAA backs off, the General Aviation Industry immediately takes advantage of it. Mark my Words ” A once Robust General Aviation Industry is on its last Gasps not breath. Do not blame the Government. The Greedy Manufacturers and the Industry did it to itself”

  11. Wasn’t the ICON originally supposed to be the super inexpensive way to fly? I seem to remember the big selling point was how cheaply you could get into one. Now they cost the same as Grummann Albatross. At least you can take friends in the Albatross.

  12. Buy a SeaRey or Super Petrel LS. No use buying an overpriced plane from a company that is likely to be out of business in the next couple of years.

  13. I’ll just keep flying my 70 year old Light Sport Ercoupe! When I want to go fishing, I’ll use a boat.

  14. I have flown the A5 a number of times, it pretty much is everything ICON claims it to be.
    On my first test ride the CFI demonstrated how it can turn on a dime(i.e. reverse course).
    My thought was “useful if you get stupidly caught in a narrowing canyon”!
    On my second test flight I effortlessly made three successful “splash and goes” in a straight line never gaining much altitude over 200 ft.
    My thought was low level maneuvers not a problem, even encouraged?
    I did get an alert during one low and slow turn to the slash down area. It was “don’t chance a stall” Mind you the horn was not sounding this was the CFI’s cautionary admonishment.
    The aircraft is billed as spinproof and unstallable.

    The price is now out of my reach, but if they firesale the demos, I’d buy one!

  15. For those of us who have been around airplanes and new company start-ups, it was not a stretch to predict what is (has) happening to ICON. A successful company needs more than slick designs, glossy brochures, and a CEO who assumes that customers will fall in line with his dream no matter the price or no matter the limitations of the product being offered.

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