7 thoughts on “Inexpensive Clean-Sheet LSA

  1. Fantastic! A modern (sleek) and “affordable” high wing LSA. Flight training needs this and it should be great for weekend pilots that don’t want to just look at their wing when they fly.
    I gotta assume the O-200 was selected because its a known quantity that allowed the engineers to focus on developing the plane, not the engine. But to roll out a new glass panel plane today with antiquated junk like carburetor heat, mixture control, magnetos, etc. like seems like a crime. Hopefully Vashon will consider options for other engines and also kit versions (experimental / amateur built ) so that it can be even more affordable and allow the kind of community engagement and improvement that VANS builders contributed to the RV-12 SLSA.

  2. You might want to look at the Viking engine. Uses Honda fit engine 130 to 180 turboed. Much cheaper than tsod engines. All the modern stuff. Ck it out. Just a thought.

  3. Yes, I agree with Les Albiol. This plane should be built with a modern direct drive, FADEC, lightweight engine with altitude/temperature compensated electronic fuel injection & variable timing electronic ignition burning Mogas – just like car engines. A UL260 with all accessories & exhaust weighs only 160lbs compared to the 1947 designed O-200, which equivalently equipped weighs at least 60lbs more and every lb counts in LSA’s which are restricted to 1320 lbs gross. As the Vashon is beefed up (no specs yet available), I suspect it has limited useful load – the problem that killed the Cessna 160, which also sported the O-200.

  4. Every time someone comes up with a new “better mousetrap” airplane, they get some things right and others wrong. The commenters zero’ed right in on this things Achilles heel … an antiquated, too heavy engine. Might be OK for student pilot local ops but if they’re hoping to market it to individual owners, they’re going to have to put something else out front … like the Rotax 912iS or ?? 445 pounds of useful load isn’t a lot after you put fuel in it … however much THAT is? So if two ‘average’ 200 pounders get into it and put 6 gallons of fuel in, where’s the payload for the camping goodies they’re talking about. And … is it an LSA or is it a certificated airplane.

    Negatives aside, I wish them luck. The ONLY way that a 2 place airplane can be successful in today’s world is if it costs right around $100K. Every dollar above that and you lose potential customers. That the Dynon CEO is doing it is — likewise — good. Maybe this is the airplane everyone has been waiting for? We can hope.

  5. With a useful load of only 445lbs, it is less that a c152. At full fuel it only leaves 283lbs… thst won’t be very useful. It won’t be a popular trainer for the same reason that the 152 isnt. Sadly, this is a single pilot airplane.

  6. Great choice in the reliable and powerful for its weight O200D, I’m using one in 601XL also with Catto prop. Great combination. Forget car engines with a gearbox

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