3 thoughts on “The Inverted Ribbon Cut

  1. Patty I watched again at New Smyner Beach last year and was in awe. Wonderful story there. Had my heart racing with you.

  2. Michael, you may recall the winds were howling that day and Patty had to decide whether to do the ribbon cut. Of course she did it perfectly but Reggie and I could barely keep the poles in position for her.

  3. Hi Patty…Thanks for all the memories…Alex and I were just discussing the ribbon cut and the height at which it was done! He has been in Alaska for 8 years after university…….and we recent visited both your plane at the Smithsonian and Leo,s in the new hangar….Amazing to see so many of our friends!!! Of course we have visited the air museum in Anchorage and was pleased to see your video and flight suit….they have run out of your book…Fire and Ice and wound love to have more!!!! If course Alex has mine.

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