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July 2021 Crossword Key

July 2021 Crossword


1 Required annually or every 100 hours

5 Where Continental Aerospace Technologies is and what it uses, abbr.

7 A bear of a plane

10 Continuous broadcast of pre-recorded weather information, abbr.

12 Companion of “avoid” 14 Approximate ETA suffix

16 Garmin Pilot competitor owned by Boeing

20 “Born,” in some announcements

21 Used for starting a bank

23 Unit that could be agl or msl, abbr.

25 Hospital professional, abbr.

26 Word before “of descent” and “overhaul”

28 Emergency egress

31 Do to your watch or watch for in the forecast

33 Compass direction


35 The A in the FAA’s AD

38 A real letdown

39 Locks might be installed in case of this


1 Agrees to, as a contract

2 The horizontal tail contributes to this area

3 State where BNA (airport) is based, abbr.

4 What some probes measure, abbr.


6 The L in LTA

8 Over, poetically

9 Back then

11 Some are for runway or taxiway info

13 Word used to describe sea level or some examiners

15 What the Skunk Works started in

17 Force that directly opposes aircraft weight

18 You usually get sun and fun there

19 Two of Pipistrel’s Velis _____


22 What you say to a parachutist who got one of these in his chute

24 Gross weight is in most cases, this abbr.

27 Archers and Arrows, for example

29 Be off

30 Bat wood

32 When the sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the evening

34 It creates aerodynamic lift 36 Bauxite to aluminum


July 2021 Crossword Key


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