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June 2021 Crossword Key

June 2021 Crossword


    1  Swiss plane maker

    5  Parallel and opposing force to the aircraft’s motion through the air

    7  Airplane sales argument or one of the axes

    8  Experienced decreased lift by exceeding the angle of attack

  10  Runway visual range, abbr.

  11  Watch closely

  12  Landing zone abbreviation

  13  New prefix

  14  Lindbergh or Earhart, for example

  16  D.C. org behind military aviation programs

  18  The ground station that speaks to our ADFs


  20  Tail waggle

  22  A useful thrust direction for braking

  26  Casual debt record, abbr.

  27  Assist

  28  Alternative to lease

  29  Combination of an engine compressor and high-pressure turbine that drives it using a connecting shaft

  30  In the U.S., it’s “point.” In Canada, it’s this.

  31  Allow


  33  Avgas-less rental term

  34  Becomes adept at



    1  Pug was one

    2  Centerline hugging control

    3  California border lake

    4  A thing the FAA can do to a certificate

    5  Former Twin Star and D-Jet brand


    6  Flight control surfaces used to control the roll of an aircraft

    9  24-hour period

  14  Weight of the contents carried on a plane

  15  Force that opposes aircraft drag

  17  ___ Aviation, Eclipse and Kestrel owner

  19  Dogfight adversaries


  21  Blustery

  23  Engine sound

  24  The FARs are full of these

  25  Famous pronouncement when it had landed

  32  Better-than-standard trip length capability (abbr.)

June 2021 Crossword Key


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