4 thoughts on “JUNGSTER I

  1. Can anyone help me with plans for a Jungster 1?
    We have one here in New Zealand but need to do some work on it to make it airworthy again.
    Any help or info on this plane would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. you probably, have already obtained plans by now. I obtained my plans from Andrew Budek-Schmeisser.

    I would like to make contact with you, and see the aircraft on my next visit from Australia.

  3. Hi, only just read your reply just now! I have the plans and am well into the rebuild. I am just trying to work out the best method for the ply LE and cap strips on the upper centre section.
    The plans are not the clearest when it comes to details like that. If you have any insight I would be please to hear about it.

    cheers Dom

  4. There is a yahoo group for the Jungster. There are a lot of photos on there. I have my upper wings almost done. Sheeting was a learning experience.

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