2 thoughts on “Liberty XL-2 Back In The Air

  1. I’ve flown quite a few XL2s when they were in production both from the factory and at flight schools. I found it to be very under powered with the 125HP Continental FADEC engine so the useful load suffered. I was never able to take off full fuel and two 200 lb. pilots on-board. I hope they removed the finger brakes – what a disaster that was. At the time, the avionics were dated, posts lights kept coming off during transition in and out of the airplane, the rudder would slam into the horizontal stabilizer and leave a nice dent. The incandescent landing light was no better than a candle (small gauge wiring and low current draw). The leather seats used thin leather and wore out quickly. The flaps control switch came off in my hand once. During entry on one flight, one of the door hinges broke from fatigue. Kind of noisy and has more vibration flight than comparable aircraft. It is roomy and has great visibility. When it does fly, it’s is fun and it does sip gas. The ones I flew were IFR capable.

  2. I have owned and flow one of these for years now, having previously flow the DA40, DA20, SlingSport, C172, and CTS. It’s the best of the pack as far as ultimate control and ease of flying. I burn 4 g/hr in cruise. The FADEC keeps everything running perfectly with single stick operation. Landing is VERY easy if you have flown anything other than a 172. Awesome plane. I’m not a dealer, but I think anyone who tries one will want to buy one.

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