2 thoughts on “Life’s Big Numbers

  1. Great article this month by Budd Davisson. Sure hit home. The other day, one of my passengers asked me how long I have been flying. When I responded 44 years, I stopped and thought………..my word……I am that person who I met when I started lessons with Westair at HPN who had started flying in 1928. I still smile every time I get behind the yoke, and as Budd said learn something new every day. I should, however, have listened to that older professor I had in college who told me life goes so much faster when you get older. At the time I thought he was crazy….a year is a year. Now I see clearly how right he was. A year is a month! Fly safe.
    Gordon Kramon
    UNC Air Operations
    Chapel Hill, NC

  2. Excellent article “The Last Flight”. Sure hits home to a lot of us. Time sure does fly by as we get older.

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