One thought on “Mind-Controlled Airplanes?

  1. This is a very interesting article, in particular the statement: “… the only thing better than getting an instant answer to every aviation question may be not having to ask in the first place.” A team of pilots, software developers, and human factors engineers at The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that conducts R&D for the federal government, including the FAA, is conducting research along these lines. The team recently developed a software-based set of capabilities that we call Digital Copilot™. The concept is for these capabilities to act as a cognitive assistant for general aviation pilots. MITRE developed a set of prototype algorithms that monitor trends, identify safety concerns, and even infer pilot intent. The capabilities were combined with an easy-to-use natural speech recognition and feedback system so that pilots can ask for the information they need and receive it in an intuitive manner. See the Digital Copilot capabilities in action here:

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