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  1. I notice that you mentioned only the IPad.
    Own a Samsung galaxy and I install Avare with ADS-B pro with a dongle. I receive tragic information and GPS navigation. I would like your opinion on this. The dongle cost me $25.0 dollars and the ADS-B app $2.49 subscription free. Please comment on it. Thank you very much and God Bless. Antonio

  2. You might want to mention that pilots can also have a completely customized and shareable electronic checklist system from CheckMate Aviation for both Apple and Android as well as their desktop.

  3. I also use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with AvNav EFB at $4.99/mo, including geo referenced approach plates and runway diagrams, which is much less expensive than FF and does everything of importance that FF does for a lot less money per year. I have a Dual XGPS170 for ADS-B in WX and Traffic… not locked into Stratus or Garmin receivers. I used iPads and iPad apps (FF and Garmin Pilot) for several years, but now that Android apps have caught up on the important functions, I switched and I have flown across the country a couple times and have all the same information and more (I didn’t have ADS-B on iPad) at my fingertips and feel it greatly improves situational awareness and safety on cross country trips. AvNav EFB doesn’t get near as much press coverage as it deserves!! It is an awesome app and is in the same league as FF, Garmin Pilot or Wing-X. I have it installed on my Samsung phone as a backup to my tablet. I have an AvMap EKP-IV GPS that drives my AP, so I have plenty redundancy and no longer carry any paper charts… hurray!! Samsung tablets have at least as good, if not better displays than iPads, are rock solid reliable (I’ve had no overheating shutdowns) and are less expensive than iPads. iPad is not the only game in town now, but your article makes it sound like it is.

  4. As a recent rusty pilot who learned to fly in the age of dinosaurs, using paper charts, I have to say that using an iPad with Fore Flight and a Stratus 2S for me has revolutionized my flying. I just did a recent cross country and having the weather info in cockpit was a godsend. I was able to safely dodge the storms and got excellent visualization as the limits of the storm line that I had to navigate around.

    I still keep paper charts as a backup but this is the only way to go.

  5. I too have an Android tablet. Although there are aviation apps for Android, the POPULARITY of the iPad makes it the go-to default for most pilots. Don’t get me wrong, I am an Android fan – always have been, and I also use Windows, not Apple IOS.
    I really think the reason iPad is so popular with pilots is because of the excellent Foreflight app. There is nothing to compare it to on the Android market. If Foreflight would port to Android, I think you would have a lot of people drop the iPad.
    It’s really that simple. In fact, the iPad has overheating problems and you are limited on what non-aviation apps you can run on it. The Android app world is so much bigger than Apple’s, and you can really get into the programming part of Android – something you can’t do in the Apple world.
    So, until an app as good as Foreflight comes out on Android, the iPad world will be where aviation hangs it’s hat.

  6. I’ve been flying with an iPad, Foreflight, and a Stratus 2 for about 3 years, and I stopped using any paper backup 2 years ago. It felt odd at first, but the abilities provided by this “system” are truly marvelous: geo- referenced charts and plates, cockpit weather, easy flight planning, etc., so much better than what I flew with for the previous 40 years.

  7. Hello,

    Another article pushing the closed technology that is Stratus2 and Foreflight.

    Wing-X and FlyQ work with 20 or more WASS GPS / ADS-B solutions and those solutions can be used with other apps as well. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what I mean: http://seattleavionics.com/default.aspx


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