11 thoughts on “Mysteries Of Flight: Circular Runways

  1. I have no idea how this would work, but would not one side always have more ware than the other. Wheels, brakes, tires & the likes.

  2. Although i agree with the article that the idea is crazy, i would absolutely love to try and land a plane or jet on a circular runway. Sounds like a good challenge to test ones landing skills! Daytona motor speedway for some test landings anyone?

  3. As you descend towards the runway, wouldn’t the wing that is ‘shielded’ from the wind as it dips beneath the rim have significantly different lift than the wing above the rim? It seems that your would be setting yourself up for a spin.

  4. Global Airports are the primary maximum air mobility NODES of the coming SATS/NEXTGEN/NIFS air mobility system.
    There is not need or benefit we see from a circular runway; and having made night instrument landing in very low to near zero visibility in blowing snow, a circular runway would be a very hairy…
    Our FASTA Global Airport design will handle the maximum number of aircraft operating from any one location.

  5. The biggest hurdle was never mentioned. All those airport hating, airplane noise loathing home owners down there around the place. You know who I’m talking about. That one or two activist types who manage to control you air speed and altitude with political action and who believe we could all magically and silently travel around.

  6. this brings a whole new meaning to “circle to land” as used currently, it’s still not the best option.
    M. Troici, CFII, ATP

  7. You would never again have a plane run off the end of a runway. Poor weather ILS landings would be a challenge.

  8. “I just received word from ATC that we are are in a hold pattern. We will be flying straight for a while…”

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