17 thoughts on “Name Change At Plane & Pilot

  1. Robert nee Isabel,
    Courageous move, good for you. I have especially enjoyed your work since you landed at P&P, glad to hear you’ll still be there contributing!

  2. Good for you! I’m glad the community has been supportive, and I applaud your courage to live true to yourself. Fly free!

  3. Isabel,

    Congratulations to you. We are happy for you. We will look for you on our travels! See you soon Izzy.

  4. Isabel, all the best in this next leg of your journey! Charlie, Dominic and your friends at MYGOFLIGHT.

  5. You are and always have been a beautiful person with a love of Aviation and a great journalistic and photographic talent. Bravo Isabel!

  6. I have always enjoyed her photos and writing, and I am thrilled to see she is boldly choosing to live authentically. I look forward to many more years of awesome content from Isabel Goyer!

  7. Izzie is born! (Izzie Isborn? Leave it to me to find the pun here.) And the world will take notice of a historic transformation – not just for one remarkable and courageous person, but for all of us; to understand, appreciate and embrace. Rock your wings, Izzie. We’re with you.

  8. You are so right and nothing has changed except one thing. You get to live your best and truest life, congratulations! Warm hugs
    Patty and Pete Bunce

  9. Guess I’m late to the party. Just found out today looking through the latest issue I got in the mail. Wow! I’m absolutely thrilled and amazed that you, Isabel, have taken this step in your life! Really, what balls! Yes, so many of us give you full support and P&P. What a great publisher you work for! You are worthy of all the admiration and support you’ll continue to receive from us out here whom have followed you for many years–and many more. I’m very pleased for you!

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