One thought on “Is New Garmin ADS-B Box A Game Changer?

  1. My decision was made about a year ago and I went with the L3 Lynx unit for my V35 Bonanza after looking closely at what Garmin had to offer. This new Garmin unit would not have changed my decision. I have a GNS530 without WAAS and would have had to send the unit back to Garmin for WAAS upgrade to use their system. The Lynx unit gave me ADS-B in as well as out, a new display, and a brand new transponder rather than continuing to use my existing Garmin transponder. I was able to sell the old transponder on E-Bay for $800 and got the $500 FAA rebate. Including installation, my upgrade cost right at $5,000 net after the $800 and $500 credits. I canceled my XM Weather subscription, too, saving another $500 per year. The Lynx has worked perfectly for 110 hours and I’m happy with the purchase.

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