3 thoughts on “New York Times Article Dissects Lion Air Crash

  1. “with more weight below the center of gravity . . ” misleading and incorrect, because if you add weight below the previous CG, the new CG is lower. What you meant, I’m supposing, is that the more powerful engines, situated well below the CG, cause significant nose-up moment when thrust is increased.

  2. Any B737 or Boeing Pilot should know when you have a Stab trim runaway or Stab Trim Problem= STAB TRIM CUTOUT, that is all you need to know, end of story, they crashed because they:
    1. Flew an Aircraft with equipment failed that was not in the MEL
    2. Did not follow logical procedure

  3. How easy is for some “experts” to give opinion here. I would like to see them on the cockpit of that airplane fighting with a flight control’s failure. Lower the pitch guys, be more humble.

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