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November 2020 Crossword Key

November 2020 Crossword
November 2020 Crossword


    1  Oxymoronic J-3? Two words.

    8  Engine covering Batman would approve of

    9  Baumgartner, who famously set a record high-altitude skydive

  10  Where Detroit is in relationship to Chicago, for instance

  13  What you do with a clearance

  15  Johnson, who famously performed a roll in a Boeing 707

  17  What a high-speed taxiway is to a runway

  19  Chicago’s state, for short

  21  Aircraft make associated with Charles Lindbergh

  23  Adjective describing the good parts of aviation

  24  Word that follows “ducted”

  26  Thinking ahead word

  27  Bob, who famously performed an engine-out roll while pouring iced tea


  29  Pilots who aren’t SIC

  31  This model was this very thing for the Wichita manufacturer in 1947

  32  Who you pay when you buy an M600

  33  Airplanes made it easier to get around this one thing

  34  Chesley’s nickname




    1  Specialized market segment

    2  Tool used to de-Mil wings

    3  Balance’s other half

    4  F-15

    5  Bernoulli and Newton subject

    6, for example

    7  Eliminate

  11  Old-fashioned trap (archaic)

  12  What the “written” is

  14  Cole of clipped-wing T-Craft fame

  15  Rookie pilot, e.g.

  16  Yale student

  18  Accepted

  20  Amelia’s Lockheed

  21  Prismatic reward for pilots

  22  Today the DoD calls this a UAP

  25  ____ Husky

  28  Had the title to

  29  Eye part critical to night vision acclimation

  30  Many a tech. sch. grad., abbr.

  32  Spanish hoops center Gasol

November 2020 Crossword Key
November 2020 Crossword Key

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