4 thoughts on “NTSB Issues Final Report On Black Hawk/Drone Collision

  1. Idiots such as him (I would normally use “like him”, but I am hoping (perhaps fantasizing) that there aren’t legions of these morons out there who are “like him”) do make life rather tedious for those of us modelers who would rather not constantly have the Feds on our proverbial backs. Modeling is a very enjoyable hobby when done correctly. There are always consequences for stupidity, but they are usually just a busted up model, and not having to deal with the FAA, FBI, LLE’s, fines and/or jail time.

  2. What enforcement action was taken against the UAS operator. If a manned vehicle had entered this airspace there would have been hell to pay.

  3. There’s one thing the article didn’t mention: the chopper was flying below 300′ at the time, which, if memory serves me right, aviation is not supposed to fly under 500′, unless in controlled airspace with an ATC clearing. (As in for landings and take-offs.) Which of these scenarios was it? We know the chopper was under 300′, so… Therefore, it was not simply a problem with the drone, unless he was flying it within a landing pattern or something.

  4. Greenster, if you read the report, the helicopter was operating over open water. With no persons or vessels nearby, the helicopter was legal to fly lower than 500 feet.

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