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October 2020 Crossword Key

October 2020, Crossword Puzzle



1 ____ M600 SLS, the first production plane to land itself

4 Makers of the autonomi system

7 What one might do with a flight plan

8 Rules governing flight in the U.S., abbr.

11 Defining feature of the PA-38, 2 words

13 Land too long, goes with 9 down

14 To do this or not; that is the question

16 Cessna 150’s nickname, “The ____”

17 Comes before “built” or “fox”

19 What a pilot does to achieve an oscillation

21 B.D.’s planes

24 Big GA publisher

25 The biggest concern for owners? 2 words


28 “V-_____”

29 Piper’s PA-12, 2 words


1 Nickname for PT-6s, for example

2 Place

3 What Cubcrafters is to Husky, for instance

4 Were cleared to FL 200 from 240, say, 2 words

5 A Van’s plane

6 UN agency supporting flying globally


9 See 13 across

10 Something that is not used

12 Did at that “point”

15 Cessna singles with a bump in the cowl

16 Radar altimeter’s worst fear

18 Aircraft compartments

20 Starting up and shutting down is one

22 Heading from New York to Miami, for instance, abbr.

23 What good ADM makes flying

26 UND’s email ending

27 Small time segment, abbr.

October 2020 Crossword Key
October 2020 Crossword Key

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