One thought on “Pay To Play: Eagle Jet International

  1. This Programm is one of the things that are fundamentally wrong with the Airline industry nowadays. If a pilot is good enough to fly for these carriers he is good enough to be paid to do so. The whole industy is complaining about a Pilot shortage but in my opinion there would not be a problem to find applicants if employers would be willing to pay them enough to stay above the poverty line. You only have to look at some european flag carriers who are still training their pilots from zero hours up and pay them a decent wage once they successfully complete their training. They have about 20 applicants for every open training slot. That does not sound like a shortage to me.
    However, companys that lebt pilots pay huge amounts oft money for hours just so that they can have a shot at a poorly paying job will only make things worse for everyone in the long run.

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