One thought on “First Flights: Piper PA-46 M600

  1. Mr Robert Goyer and the staff of Plane & Pilot:

    Congratulations to Piper for coming out with a first rate turboprop single. Previous Piper turbine singles unfortunately suffered unfavorable range-payload trade offs, but the M600 seems to have finally gotten it right.

    If Piper wants to provide corporate flight departments or well-off owner/pilots with even more payload, space and performance, they ought to consider dusting off and updating their Cheyenne designs, and putting them back into production. One possibility they could pursue, would be to revive and update the 1980’s Cheyenne LS400.

    A good performance goal for any manufacturer to aim for if introducing a new turboprop twin, would be to equal or exceed the performance of the Piaggio pusher-prop aircraft, but with tractor rather than pusher propellers so as to avoid the noise issues that have affected the Avanti.

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