9 thoughts on “Plane & Pilot Survey: Recreational Drone Hazards

  1. Unfortunately, most of the drones in use today(recreational or not), are owned by operators who do not observe the rules, and who do not recognize that the technology is subject to malfunction. There is some time before drones are properly integrated into the airspace.

  2. Just a few days ago a drone appeared next to me while I was on downwind. It appeared to be homemade. A jet was on final at the time – perhaps the drone was photographing it. Drone operators have no idea about our abilities to spot these things.

    I fly R/C gliders – would never think of flying them near an airport.

  3. I know a number of drone pilots and they are without exception hungry for knowlege, the GA community is making great efforts to educate them through initiatives launched by AOPA, Plane and Pilot, The National Press Photograhers Association and EAA. They too provide a service and use the airspace too, albeit below 400 feet.. Let’s mentor them, educate and even partner with them and not try to shut them out. They are here to stay so lets work to make it a safe and productive integration for all.

  4. They pose a great risk, because just one light plane being downed by a collision with a drone is unacceptable, and there are so many stories of drones not being under full control.
    I believe that autogyros were eliminated by the government because they could take off and fly all over the place without any controls. A woman from the SEC went to Umbaugh and stopped them for 2 years, and of course they could not recover from that. Now drones are doing just what autogyros would have been doing.

  5. Unfortunately the people that I know that fly drones are the same bunch of idiots that think shining a laser into the eyes of a pilot near the airport is great sport. Just wait until a drone is sucked into the engine of a passenger plane with over 200 people on it and it crashes. I think the FAA is not restrictive enough when it concern drones.

  6. Birds that fly in flocks pose a much bigger hazard to aircraft! A single goose outweighs most drones.
    Obviously drone pilots do have to be educated and observe existing rules. Something birds never will do.

  7. Like any rules and regulations there will always be some idiots with a total disregard for the law spoiling it for those legitimately going about their business

  8. Uav fliers and many model rocketeers will always be very similar some follow the rules but many others don’t care at all and ignore the rules. Hello the rules are there for your safety! I honestly think that the rules should be adapted so that drones give way to airplanes

  9. First airliner brought down by a irresponsible drone operator will answer any and all questions about drones and wether they’re a hazard.

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