18 thoughts on “Price Of Fuel: Plane & Pilot Readers’ Views

  1. To whom it may concern: I’m a new pilot and I own a Cessna 172L,the price of fuel is 5.50 a gallon 100LL,and when I fly I ca anticipate 6.00 a gallon and airports away from home,I have to keep my flying to a minimum because I’m just a blue collar worker making 60,000 a year that means I have hanger rent,insurance,maintenance,annuals,and upgrading to ads-b,I know it’s a rich mans sport and my love of flying will be short lived,thanks to the price of fuel

  2. The vast majority of GA aircraft engines were built for 80 octane car gas. Back then,ethanol didn’t exist. Check you TCDS on your engine. Invest in a gas tank and find non-ethanol car gas. Every gallon of car gas I use, I save 2 dollars. There are apps that will find the gas you need in your area. My engine runs clean and the plugs are happy. When I fly long distances I use AirNav. It’s worth the trouble.

  3. I am building a Lancair ESP and the price of fuel is a major consideration. I have made a decision to purchase an Adept Airmotive engine (clean sheet design piston aviation engine that is made to run on auto gas, also burns approximately 25% less fuel than comparable engines – should save approximately $2.00/gallon (auto vs avgas) or $210 per fill up in my plane. That is 5 to 6 more flight hours by not having to use Avgas.

  4. This is the way it is. I live on a low income and if fuel prices go .50 cents higher then I will quite flying.

  5. I use premium auto fuel without ethanol. The engine likes it and I like the price. If at an airport with only 100LL I give tank a shot of DECALIN. 100LL is on the way out, so if one can, start finding auto and get a wavier.

  6. In Canada flying and services are more costly than in the USA and not nearly as available. But to me flying is my saved smoking money as I never smoked and also my only passion. (I think drugs would cost less! Haha). Have to own and fly!

  7. In Greenland we pay around 13,50$ For 1 US galon 100LL and in Europe it is not cheap either, thou not that much. In Iqualuit (Frobisher Bay) it is also expencive and only sold 55 Galon at a time, i dont know The price there at The moment.

  8. Due to increasing ownership costs and exorbitant fuel costs in retirement, I refused to dump money in that hole in the sky, I sold my 150. Renting was also expensive. So, I will be purchasing a new Aerolite 103 in the spring of 2018. New, $18,000.00, uses mogas, ballistic parachute equipped, STOL (basically), stall at walking speed (lol, close!), cruise at 65 MPH, three hour endurance clear air for “cross country”…it will be mainly just after sunrise flights, and just before sunset flights…and an occasional mid day cruise around if the wind and weather is good. I will then again enjoy what flying first did for me….provided joy and fun.


  10. Fuel is a front of the mind price, and psychologically it bugs people when its 5.50 or 6.00 a gallon. But when in the big mix of things, it adds very little to the average GA ( per hour) costs to someone that flies say 50 or less hours a year, and there are plenty of private pilots that fly less than 50 hours a year….

  11. I fly a Cessna 182, burns avg. 13 gals per hr. And 100ll continues to go higher, so myflying has been reduced already and continue to be reduced. Would like to know if my plane could be set up to used auto gas and 100LL because most of my flying is cross country. Mtb

  12. A factor, but just one of many others.
    The others for me include FBO/Landing/Security/Usage /Tie Down / Over night FEES (and what else) at PUBLIC airports

  13. I fly with auto fuel, but to make a blanket statement like “100LL should be retired” is narrow minded and short sighted. Many high performance aircraft simply cannot operate on auto fuel. Furthermore, in much of our country electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. If you happen to be fortunate enough to live in an area where you only pay $0.08-0.12/KWH for electricity, and you only fly from city to city, then perhaps (I haven’t done the math) an electric plane would make sense for you.
    Where I live my electric rate is $0.37/KWH, and four years ago it was $0.52/ KWH. Even at $7.00-$12.00/gallon, gas is cheaper. There is NO electricity available in half of the areas where I fly. We carry extra fuel with us and land wherever we can find a place long enough, hard enough and flat enough.
    Perhaps now you can see why those of us who live in the “flyingest” state in the nation (world) have a hard time remaining polite when we hear foolish blanket statements coming from those who only fly over fields and concrete.

  14. I’d like to buy an airplane but the sky high prices for everything connected to aviation, including fuel, will most likely keep me from purchasing.

    I’ve priced some common parts and it’s shameful what the price is.

  15. I have one comment and it’s if you can’t afford to fly then drive. Flying is and always will be expensive. So stop complaining and move on. Fuel is the least expense of owning a airplane. Electric, really?

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