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  1. I too love to watch the crafty ravens. It is not easy to discern when they are working, and when they are playing. The ravens I am familiar with are in Interior Alaska. It is amazing to me that they can survive the winters, yet they do and they have fun doing it.
    Ravens do work in pairs and in flocks. And they are crafty. Anybody that has made the mistake of not watching their garbage sacks continually will find out.
    Many (most?) of us haul our own garbage to the dumpsters. And time and again, you will see pickups arriving with bags torn open. The ravens work as teams of lookout/warners, and garbage sack attackers. I have even seen the interrupted gangs become more determined.
    In particular, I am remembering watching my poor, frustrated wife driving erratically to keep an interrupted, but resolute pair from reattacking her freshly rebagged garbage as she made the two-mile dash to the covered dumpsters. I was on my way home from work when I recognized what was happening. What an hilarious story it was to hear her tell of the duel she had hauling bags quickly enough to the pickup to keep the ravens at bay, drive away, and then her shock to look back and see them quickly retearing the bags open on the drive!
    No wonder they survive so well!

  2. Ravens ARE magical. I remember a field trip with an art teacher explaining the concept of “iridescence.” Ravens do that like no other earthly plant, animal or mineral.

  3. Mr. Robert, I believe you have done a marvelous job of describing the flight of a raven! I’ve posted links to your article on a few comments and videos so others can read. Thank you, Rick – theravendiaries on You Tube.

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