RC Allen Introduces Electronic DG To Match Its ADI

Saying goodbye to failure-prone mechanical indicators

Electronic panel instruments are all the rage, and RC Allen, a division of Kelly Manufacturing, has gone all-in with a pair of digital gauges to take the place of failure-prone mechanical instruments at a great price.

The instruments, which come in both two- and three-inch versions and for 14- or 28-volt systems, have no moving parts and do everything that the instruments they replace do. They are also much shallower than their mechanical counterparts; they're lighter and far more reliable, and to top it off, they're TSO approved, for near universal installation approval.

The ADI, which predates the brand new heading indicator, is sunlight viewable and can be outfitted with an optional slip/skid indicator. The emergingproduct, the directional gyro, likewise, has no moving parts and is internally lighted. Each of the instruments sells for $2,600. RC Allen expects the DG to be approved by the end of the year.

For more information, check out Kelly Manufacturing.

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