Redbird Finds New Use For Flight Sim

Lakeland Aero Club high school students learn to assemble simulators

Plenty of us have used flight simulators to learn to fly, but how about using one to learn how to build flight sims? That's exactly what the high school students at Lakeland Aero Club are doing.

Lakeland Aero Club

Usually, when Redbird Flight Simulations sells a simulator like the Redbird FMX that was purchased by the Lakeland Aero Club, installation is part of the package. This time, the student-members of the Aero Club asked if they could build it themselves. Redbird agreed.

Last month, two of the club members---sophomore Katie Esker and freshman Sean Stoltz---visited Redbird Headquarters in Austin, TX for training on sim assembly and maintenance. The disassembled sim was then shipped to Lakeland.

"Lakeland Aero Club provides its members a variety of amazing opportunities through active participation and practical experience. So, it was only natural that the club ask to build the simulator themselves. We were happy to accommodate and had lots of fun training the students. They are smart, talented, and professional and have been some of the best customers to work with," said Redbird's President, Charlie Gregoire.

With the hands-off supervision of a few Redbird staff members, the Aero Club students began putting their simulator together on the opening day of Sun ’n Fun. They plan to have it completed in time to show it off to the attendees this Thursday.

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