2 thoughts on “Remos G-3 Teutonic LSA

  1. just bought remos 2008 very low time has not been delivered cant wait now have to find someone to teach me to fly it in southern ma. have 5 hrs in skycatcher and 1500 arrow 400 bonanza and another 500 in cesna and various cherokees

  2. This is me comenting on me now have 74 hers on 2008 remos absolute blast to fly. It climbs at 1000 ft per minute with 440 lbs of people and a20 lbs of fuel 3 gal at 100 4.2 gal he at 130 mph .Just me aboard and 10 gal fuel I weigh 200 dressed climbs at almost 1400 ft per min at 55 mph sort of scary ,but love it .
    I put those hours on it in two months

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