One thought on “Are The Runways Of The Future Circular?

  1. The touchdown target would be only about 100 feet in length; thus there would be many forced go arounds disrupting traffic flow. Lateral G forces would force the plane to skid off the runway in slippery conditions and cause severe passenger discomfort. Expansion would be impossible due to the constraints of the ring. Getting passengers and cargo into the center of the ring will be maddeningly difficult. And of course planes will be much heavier if built to withstand the lateral G forces, limiting useful load. Other than that that above, there’s nothing else to recommend this proposal.

    100 years ago we had round airfields so planes could always land into the headwinds, as they couldn’t land in crosswinds very effectively. During the World War II era, airports were designed with figure 4 runways to deal with crosswinds, but today’s jet airliners can land in almost all reasonable weather conditions.

    Circular runways might make sense for a low-volume general aviation airports serving planes that land at 60 miles an hour or less.

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