4 thoughts on “Santa Monica’s Beginning Of The End

  1. If it’s going to be closed wgy waste 3.5 million to shorten it. Paint displaced threshholds on it and change runway lengths in published information.

  2. Happening in Australia too. Councils with blinkers on only looking at the increase in income from rates and taxes rather than the big picture of increased tourism, local jobs at the airport etc.

  3. And later, when someone actually calculates how much it actually cost the city in lost revenue, lost jobs, lost salaries of people who work there, etc., etc. they will float a bond issue to build a new airport less than 50 miles away!

  4. The big winner here will be my home airport, KHHR, which has already seen an influx of multis and biz jets, with huge new hangars. The north side is getting a “facelift” and will also house large hangars, with room for new FBOs. The losers will be us pilots who, until now, have not had to queue up 6 deep waiting for takeoff clearance.

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