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September 2020 Crossword Key

September 2020 Crossword Key

September 2020 Crossword



1 Substance used as a drying agent when storing planes

6 Sudden severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions causing violent buffeting of the aircraft, abbr.

8 Prop sound

9 Gauge datum

10 Dornier letters

11 Religious denomination, for short

13 Venturi _____ (plural)

16 _____ yaw: yaw generated when the ailerons are used

18 Flightpath between airports

19 One of four forces of flight

21 Unit of energy

23 Where a climb gets you

26 Flexible wing plan used on paragliders and now on some powered aircraft


30 A wing planform used by Dyke, for instance

32 Generic acronym for runway instrument illumination 

33 Used for wings and sometimes for tails, too


1 A danger of storm fronts

2 Maneuver to lose altitude in a hurry

3 What not to knowingly fly into

4 The A in ASI


5 “Puller?”

6 Part of the flight after takeoff and before it reaches a level altitude

7 It’s helpful for hauling heavy planes around

11 The things that occasionally get struck

14 Leading-edge orientation on most supersonic planes

17 How we usually fly when the weather is nice

20 Whose airspace the FAA is concerned with

22 Palindromic acronym for waves that bounce back

24 Fly___ (plural) (for some pilots, in slang)

25 Long, narrow spanwise gap in the wing to improve airflow

26 Runway safety area, abbr.

27 GLONASS is Russia’s version

September 2020 Crossword Key


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