3 thoughts on “A Single Engine Flight Over the South Pacific

  1. Hi Bill,
    Did you personally see the dipstick after the oil change at the Cessna Dealership in California? To me the most logical explanation is that it wasn’t filled completely there. Glad all turned out well!
    John Mohan

  2. My wife and I were invited by friends to visit Majuro, RMI in 1990. We flew Continental Air Mike 727 from Honolulu to Majuro with a fuel stop at Johnston Atoll. There we were greeted by a US military jeep with a 50 caliber machine gun mounted on the hood. The pilot and I visited at the open forward doorway and he said that he flew the ‘milk run’ : Marshall Islands, Saipan, Guam and Palau. He said the soldier perched behind the machine gun was there to insure that no one got off the plane. I believe that Johnston has since been decommissioned as a military base. Majuro at that time was still very primitive and wasn’t a cruise ship stop. We spent most of our time at Mili Atoll which offered some excellent snorkeling.

  3. This in interesting.
    I know that plane engines are all about quality and “exactment”.
    But in this instance, i think its about running in the engine. something needed it and maybe the bores or rings were still rough. I bet an oil change would prove some swarf.
    enjoyed that story.

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