4 thoughts on “SMO To Lop Off Runway Ends, Safety Be Damned

  1. Actually, if the City of Santa Monica really wants to close the runway permanently, why not pay back all money received from the FAA and others who may have funded the airport under various AIP agreements, gifts and grants (with interest too) given with the assurance that the airport would remain open and unencumbered by restrictions until a future agreed to date.

    This idea appears to ensure there will restricted use of the facility without holding the city to their agreed to obligations.

  2. Tax payers money being wasted once again by political committees​! Why not just paint it or put up some sort of safety barriers…

  3. They could just bulldoze it ala Daley and Meigs in Chicago. Do it in the dark of night and put up “new park on the way” signs for the next morning.

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