2 thoughts on “Something Like A Phenomenon

  1. As a Pilot and Instructor Pilot at Embraer I would like to say that with it´s class this Aiplane is second to none,very easy to operate,very reliable and safe to Operate.
    I had the oprtunite to fly this month almost all over Europe and the Airplane impress every one who had the opportunite to see and flew the Airplane,JetBird will fly it very soon,and I sure they going to have a lot sucsess.
    best look to all………………..thank You.

  2. I’m just a lowly simulator pilot, since 2017, flying the Phenom 100 recently on XPlane11,
    purchased the Carenado payware version of the plane. I have a few months’ time logged on it. I did a lovely flight just tonight (8/22/18) with it from Long Island MacArthur to Miami International, it took about 2 hrs. or just under. I love the plane, it’s just a wonderful replica of the real thing. I only wish the Phenom offered a spoiler system, or reverse thrust, or both, which of course the real plane does not offer. It’s true, landings are a challenge (as compared to a Learjet) due to this, I find I have to really make sure I’m at 180 or under as I’m turning to final for most approaches, and make sure the gear are down a bit early and flaps etc., or I tend to come in a tad too fast, no matter what.

    Otherwise, I’m enjoying flying the virtual Phenom 100, and have learned an absurd amount about what goes into these planes, and how to properly fly them. The Garmin Prodigy system is a joy to use. I love the Max. Cruise feature on the throttle! I tend to bring the plane up to 35,000 ft. for a reasonably long flight, and leave it at Max. for most of the flight. Seems to work for me. Would love to go up in a real one at some point! The shutdown procedure is as easy as can be, and it’s awesome that it offers the built-in GPU button and features.

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