4 thoughts on “Survey Results: Privatize ATC? Most Lopsided Results, Ever

  1. We will get the best ATC system money can buy… lobby money that is, Reality check, elected for sale…and nothing will change that… they are so bad they even granted themselves “Small Business Status” for health care bennies… does anyone really think lobby has not bought about anything they want?

  2. Any fool that wants to Privatize The ATC program has never seen what happens in the tower or ground control or the other parts. Their main goal is to decrease size of Government. As a general statement it makes sense, however the concept of one size fits all is spoken by those who have no concept of ATC or any other government activity. One only needs to look at the safety of the ATC program to understand how safe it really is. Government employees sign a no-strike provision. No private company would require that of their employees or what employee would sign such a document! Also and most important if this concept of privatization were to happen there wold be a massive retirement of employees. Who would fill their vacant positions?

  3. Aviation is already expensive. We now are charged for instrument approaches and landing fees. If the Privatize our airspace it will be a huge freedom we will have to give up. There already is a shortage of pilots and if this goes through they will push easy another 1/2 of our pilots out of aviation. We currently pay a large tax on our fuel to pay for use.
    Please keep aviation within reach of our youth!!

  4. For those who DO NOT want privatization, you need to CALL your congressman and voice your opposition to HR2997. They will listen IF enough people call. You can email them thru these web sites if you wish. That’s good. But, calling is better. Burn up the phone lines. When AOPA/EAA called for members to support BasicMed, over 200,000 people called their representatives. No surprise that, two weeks later, the bill was on Obama’s desk for signature. They will listen IF YOU SPEAK UP!

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