One thought on “The Aviation Storyteller

  1. I am Frederic A. Jaques, the son of Capt. F.C.R.Jaques who originally imported the 1927 Avro Avian that Greg Herrick now has in his collection.
    My dad was a pilot in the RFC in WW1 and in 1924 we immigrated to Australia. In 1927 he started Wings Limited with two Avro Avians VH-UFY and VH-UFZ. This a/c was the VH-UFZ that Lang Kidby found and restored. I first flew in this plane at the age of 5 sitting in my mother’s lap. In 2001 when Greg recreated Amelia Earhart’s flight of 1928, Carlene Mendieta took me for a flight in this plane when she landed at the Sandusky lake Front airfield. I am now 87 years old.

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