5 thoughts on “The Bahamas, Dream It, Plan It, Fly It

  1. Very nice article. I’m planning on going Feb. 2018. I’m having trouble finding rental plane. I too own but on the west coast. Those that will rent want a 2 hour per day minimum which seems like that would double the cost. How much flying did you do and did the 2 hour minimum make much difference in total cost of renting?

  2. This is a great article on the fun of inter island flying. But besides flexibility and access, it’s less expensive to fly Bahamasair. Most flights are less than $100 one way, so you’d have to do quite a few hops to make it pay. AVgas, charts, PLB’s, all the fees, it’s just not a bargain. No doubt irrelevant for most considering flying but still, I had to challenge that premise. Great advice on flying early in the day spring-summer-fall, and mind the stiff trade winds in the winter farther south.

    I’m Bahamian born and flew as a kid, can’t wait to return again in my own plane. Enjoyed the article very much.

  3. Charlie, I think the author’s reference to costs included splitting it all up 4 ways. In any event, you hit it on the nail stating “irrelevant for most considering flying.” Half of flying has always been, Step One – Open Wallet, Step Two – Empty it. Cheers

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