4 thoughts on “The Case Of The Missing T-33

  1. People love mystries and enjoy conspiracy theories. Neither Air Force nor his wife believed him. How unfortunate.

  2. I remember this story was going around when I entered the Air Force in 1963. Steves got a bum deal. And the aircraft has still not been found except for the canopy. The Air Force also mistook another innocent person at Mountain Home Idaho that they charged with the murder of a friend’s wife. Even after the real killer was found he treated badly.

  3. I knew Dave Steeves in 1959-1960. He was flying an early Aero Commander out of Chandler Field in Fresno.
    He once had an engine failure in the Aero Commander, landed and then with a minimal load took off on one engine and returned to Chandler. Lots of local pilot judgement on this one.
    He always maintained the Air Force railroaded him out of the service and was quite bitter about it. There was always lots of idle talk and speculation with the local pilots concerning Steeves.
    Anyone else that as some information, please comment.

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