One thought on “Mysteries Of Flight: The Dangers Of Technologically Advanced Aircraft

  1. I agree with the last paragraph about being well trained and improving the safety during flight. I do have one question. Since ATP trainees and airlines spend thousands on training pilots for flying expensive iron and people with sophisticated simulators, why isn’t there a similar requirement for a GA pilot to demonstrate proficiency in the use of the computerized displays for their particular aircraft? The computer training programs are available and hands-on simulators exist. Would it be so difficult to develop a certification program to insure the pilot is proficient and capable of using the systems? Call it an endorsement on the license. In defense of the analog gauges, I do like the ability to view the individual parameters of the flight on the instruments, without the clutter on the “glass”. With the development of electrically driven navigation gauges and backup batteries, the problem of vacuum pump failure, is eliminated. Fly with whatever you are comfortable with. Safety is still up to the training and competency of the pilot.

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