3 thoughts on “The Old, Not So Bold Pilot

  1. This one size fits all age rule has no provision for the 65 or older pilot who has kept his body in shape, especially one who has done an exceptional job of doing so. There are 40 year old out of shape, pilots no longer interested in improving their abilities.
    I was amazed when I flew a jet airiplane for the first time at how simple it was to fly a jet.
    The stability of the airplane not changing with prop speed., uter simplicity of engine operation, engine out preformance and the surprise of pilots who have never flown anything but jet powered airplanes when they step into not a turbo but a recip engined
    machine without a constant speed prop and all the nav/system info available.

  2. Dustin I’m one of those age 60 pilots forced to retire in 2005, I find your article most interesting and one that I can relate too, thanks for the post.

    Chuck Stone
    Captain American Airlines

  3. I’m a rusty pilot. I got my PPL when I as 18. Then, as with so many of us, life happens. I went back to flying after 46 years. My log book, that I always cherished was over twice the age as my instructor. I remember how easily things came when I was 18 and it wasn’t the case decades later. It wasn’t see one, do one, teach one; but it was doable and for a number of reasons I exercised my Sport Pilot option. Ultimately, I’m a better pilot flying lighter planes. My instructor Andy Darlington,CFI-I said it best, “What you’ve lost in coordination you’ve made up with in judgement.” Age is a state of mind, if you don’t mind it don’t matter. I hope to keep flying for many years to come

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