7 thoughts on “Vote: Last Spot In Our 10 Prettiest GA Planes

  1. I too, think the Staggerwing is one of the classiest planes ever, though my Number One All-Time favorite is the 1943 Howard DGA-15. What a glorious, powerhouse and maneuverable plane to fly in!

  2. Just behind the horizon there are very pretty GA-Airplanes!
    While some who know would say that all of Stelio Frati’s Aircraft, especially the SF260 are the prettiest, i find it a little difficult to decide. Probably the fameous Bf108, but the more fameous Buecker 131 ‘Jungmann’ beats it. And the extremely rare Buecker 180 ‘Student’ (we have the only remaining and airworthy example at ‘QUAX’ -www.quax-flieger.de- )! But actually i can’t decide between the HFB320 (most probably the first Business Jet ever, which also served as a 11-seat-Jet-Airliner in the States for a short time) and the Boelkow207, which i think tops ALL single-engine-fourseaters ever (check it out in the web!), even though the Czech AERO145 as a Piston Twin tops even the DUKE (well, having flown the Baron during Airline Flight School in 1980, this one is a matter of love…)!

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