One thought on “What New Traffic Pattern Rules Mean to You

  1. Dear fellow flying enthusiast at Plane and Pilot, 3 February 2019
    I appreciated last May’s issue’s article about new guidance on Advisory Circular 90-66B (Entering Midfield). I especially liked the diagram. In a recent Plane and Pilot newsletter, an article appeared about Go Arounds (Rejected landing/balked landing). It prompted me to review go arounds. The best I could find was a you-tube with Embry-Riddle. There was a bit of a conflict with things I learned 50 years ago and what my flying friends think what procedures should be followed these days. We all agreed about: power up, pitch up, clean up, and if an aircraft pulls out for departure, move over to the non-pattern side of the runway and communicate (Just announce you’re going around). From this point on we’re wondering what the FAA and other pilots can anticipate the “going around” pilot is going to do? Will they fly up to 300 feet below pattern altitude and turn crosswind or all the way up to pattern altitude. Will they most likely turn crosswind abeam the numbers or later. Are they expected to announce the altitude they are turning crosswind? Is there a published article besides FAA-H-8083-3A that gives further guidance? I’m looking forward in my coming issues of Plane and Pilot, with diagram, to enhance my/our understanding for the correct and safe procedures on this and other flying subjects.
    Thanks, James Britten

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