Going Direct: Back To The Moon? Really?

Buzz Aldrin on the moon

The newly announced goal of once again sending astronauts to the Moon makes no sense. Which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

Going Direct: Innovation Here We Come

It’s good to know people who went through aviation history and who saw big changes. I’m talking transformative technology introductions, like all-metal monocoque construction, the opposed air-cooled engine, the turbine engine, GPS and computers in the cockpit. Advances like these have reshaped aviation again and again since even before Kitty Hawk. Still, every time a more »

Going Direct: 737 Max Catastrophe: A Strong Theory Emerges

The crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 at Addis Ababa has never been a complete mystery. The accident, which claimed the life of all 157 onboard, seemed from the beginning likely to be related to the MCAS system that Boeing installed on the 737 Max to help it pass its flying qualities tests with the more »

Going Direct: The Most Tragic Detail From The Ethiopian 737 Max Crash Yet

A preliminary report from investigators on the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, as you doubtless have heard, looks to be another case of a new flight control augmentation system responding to bad data from an angle of attack sensor and putting the aircraft out of control. That system, as you surely know by now, more »

Going Direct: The Disruption Begins

Piper, Garmin and Continental’s teaming on a new trainer is the beginning of a movement that has been long in coming.

Going Direct: ForeFlight Gets Bought By Boeing, What It Means To Subscribers

As you’ve doubtless heard by now, Boeing has bought app developer ForeFlight. Boeing also owns Jeppesen, a company that has the best aviation navigation data in the world, and has for many, many decades. Jeppesen’s aeronautical charts, “Jepps” for short, are the gold standard because they’re accurate, boast a world-class user experience, and they span more »